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Organizational Networks

Over the last decade Organizational Network Analysis has become a mainstream management tool for enhancing the performance of organizations.

It provides managers with detailed insights and data that can drive performance interventions in many domains including sales, decision-making, leadership development, and project execution.

Ross Dawson and his team has deep expertise in analyzing organizational networks, and more importantly applying those insights to driving immediate and substantial value creation.

Example of Organizational Network Analysis

Ross Dawson worked with a large professional services organization works across six major locations. We performed a network analysis of the top 100 executives in the firm, which showed the extent to which people in the corporate office were critical to communication across the firm.

Pictorial representation of Communication across all locations

Communication across all locations

Pictorial representation of Communication across all offices excluding corporate office
Communication across all offices excluding corporate office

We helped to firm to use the insights from the study to generate a number of activities that improved communication across the offices, resulting in increased sales revenue and better use and development of expertise across the firm.

These interventions both supported the people who were already most prominent in supporting strong cross-location communication, and helped develop new communication channels and awareness across locations.