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Client and Supplier Networks

One of the most powerful ways to improve high-value client (or supplier) relationships is to apply a network approach to improving communication and enhancing revenue opportunities

Example of Client Relationship Analysis

Advanced Human Technologies worked with a major professional services firm to enhance their relationship with one of their top three clients. The relationship spanned four continents and a wide variety of roles, involved around 15 key executives from both organizations.

We analyzed the network of communication between the key personnel involved in the relationship, giving deep insights into the relationships and the areas of improvement.

Image of networks linking professional firm and client across the relationship
Networks linking professional firm and client across the relationship

We helped the professional firm and their client to understand the implications of the analysis and implement three key initiatives that:

  • Generated greater revenue for the professional firm by better identifying opportunities to create value
  • Identified specific ways to maintain a high-value relationship when the key client executive was transferred into another role
  • Provided better access to the full range of expertise available from the professional firm
  • Improved communication and opportunities in the Asia and South America operations, which were previously not well connected