Ross Dawson is a globally-renowned futurist and keynote speaker. He is frequently engaged to speak to the clients of major organizations globally in technology, financial services, professional services, and other sectors, as a strong drawcard for registrations and to share compelling content in a dynamic style.


Webinars are a long-established virtual format for engaging with clients or sometimes staff, and often for lead generation. The word comes from ‘web seminar’, suggesting content-heavy presentations from experts. The vast majority of webinars are in fact dry and uninspiring, involving a presenter running through slides with bullet points with some Q&A at the end. But they don’t need to be like this.

Ross Dawson can play a number of roles in creating a compelling webinar, from doing a dynamic future-focused presentation including video and strong visual content, to energetic hosting and interviewing of guests, as well as helping to design the webinar flow to maximise engagement and participation in interactive elements.


Ross has delivered keynotes or acted as host or expert panelist on numerous webinars for major technology, financial, and professional firms seeking to engage their clients or generate leads from prospects keen to hear his insights.

As one example, in a webinar for Oracle targeting sales leaders, Ross delivered a keynote on the role of social media in sales, providing compelling content and keeping the audience engaged through interactive approaches. The audience gave high marks to the quality of the content and presentation, and numberous high-value leads were generated.

To illustrate webinars for internal audiences, Ross Dawson delivered a series of webinars for one of the world’s largest communications agencies on the mobile landscape and the evolving role of mobile in marketing. The feedback was excellent in providing relevant insights to the global teams in a highly engaging format.

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