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Ross Dawson is recognized globally as a leading futurist and strategy advisor. He has extensive experience working with boards of major organizations around the world, including acting as faculty for the innovation programs of major national company director associations.


Directors of organizations need context and understandiing of major developments in their industries and the broader business, economic, and social landscape. As a world-leading business futurist, Ross Dawson can provide boards and directors with insightful briefings relevant to their organization, industry, and market. These are highly interactive sessions that allow detailed questions, and ensuing board discussions that can be moderated as agreed between the chair and Ross Dawson.

Ross frequently delivers board briefings and facilitates strategic conversations in person, but is also highly experienced at running virtual sessions, where for a variety of reasons the board members are not able to be in the same room. These use platforms that enable effective engagement while ensuring high levels of privacy and security, including briefing content, and the use of interactive tools that allow directors to share perspectives and move to effective decisions.


The board of a technology company with directors from multiple continents ran one of its board meetings online, with a theme of innovation and future of work. Ross Dawson worked with the head of strategy to help frame the agenda, delivered the opening presentation on the macro themes of the board meetings, and facilitated the following two sessions on broader strategic implications, and relating to specific issues and decisions on the board agenda, resulting in a highly effective online board meeting.

An urgent decision on a potential acquisition opportunity outside of the company’s currently defined strategy required a board meeting, which was convened online. Ross Dawson helped design and then facilitated the strategic conversation, using online collaboration tool to ensure full participation and engagement and clear agreement on a decision.

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