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Customized company-internal broadcast shows on the ‘future of work’ or similar topics provide a far more compelling alternative to typical online meetings or webinars, helping communicate with and engage staff on important issues.

The shows are hosted by Ross Dawson, a globally-renowned futurist who has specialized in the future of work and organizations for the last two decades. He has extensive experience as a compelling keynote speaker, TV host and guest, and strategy advisor, engaging audiences in thinking about and preparing for the future.


Amid the intense uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and the long-term impact on business and society, organizations need to actively engage their management and staff in thinking about the current and inevitable future shifts in the nature of work, including working from home, and the long-term restructuring of work teams and collaboration.

Ross Dawson can host and present an internal TV-style show, sharing positively-framed perspectives on the changing nature of work, interviewing senior executives, and providing a forum for moderated Q&A from employees in helping to understand how the company is making work effective now and reshaping it for the future.

The show can be done with production quality similar to TV, bringing in executives from their homes or office for interviews, creating a highly engaging event to inspire managers and staff and encourage an opportunity mindset.


Ross Dawson has worked with a major energy company to host a ‘Future of Work’ session for its 200 top managers, presenting a framework for the future of work, interviewing the CHRO and CEO, and enabling moderated questions to the executives from the managers. The session resulted in a significantly greater degree of understanding and comfort with the current situation and how it is likely to evolve through this year and beyond.

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