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Ross Dawson, author of the acclaimed new book Thriving on Overload, works with business leaders and companies across the globe to help managers and executives excel in an information intensive world.

Keynote speech: Wellbeing in a World of Overload

The defining characteristic of work today is overload: too much information, too many emails, too many meetings, too much to do in the time we have. Ross Dawson, author of Thriving on Overload, guides audiences in an inspiring and highly practical session to understand how they can not just survive but thrive in this world. From simple behavior changes to shifts in mindset, he takes audiences on a journey so they can not just feel better and more balanced, but increase their productivity in a world of unlimited information.

Workshop: Thriving on Overload

Amplify individual and team wellbeing and productivity

In a business and working environment defined by excessive information, one of most powerful leverage points to increase corporate productivity is to assist individuals and teams to be more effective in how they deal with information overload. 

Creating value from a superabundance of information is the foundational skill today for all executives, professionals, and managers. Few have ever been taught how to be effective at this, and everyone can improve their capabilities while they feel better and more balanced.

Ross Dawson, world-leading futurist and author of Thriving on Overload, has designed high-value programs to assist companies to develop critical skills and significantly improve productivity. 

Thriving on Overload: In-person workshop

In a focused one-day session for up to 25 people Ross Dawson will guide executives and managers through the process of developing a Personal Information Plan to maximize their information productivity. Through the workshop they will use the Thriving on Overload Interactive Course so their responses and reflections are captured for them, ready to implement immediately. 

Thriving on Overload Interactive Course

A highly interactive course that gives participants detailed instruction on the principles and practices of superior information productivity, and guides them through creating their own Personal Information Plan. A series of interactive exercises helps users clarify their priorities, sources, tools, and daily practices, and allows them to integrate their information schedule into their calendars for optimal effectiveness.

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