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Excellence in virtual work and organizations – expert and keynote speaker Ross Dawson

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Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading futurist, keynote speaker, and expert on virtual work, organizations, meetings, education, and leadership.

Dawson is a specialist virtual keynote speaker and virtual strategy facilitator who has also delivered physical keynotes and workshops in over 30 countries.

Keynote speaker/ workshop topic: Virtual Excellence: Leadership and success in a virtual world


The coronavirus pandemic has vastly accelerated the long-standing shift to remote work and increasingly virtual organizations. Individuals, organizations, and leaders need to learn and implement the practices and approaches that drive success in a virtual world. Ross Dawson, renowned futurist and keynote speaker and the producer of The Virtual Excellence Show, shares the principles that he has uncovered through two decades of running virtual organizations and working with some of the world’s most successful virtual companies. Learn how to lead and prosper in a world of virtual work.

This session can be run as a keynote, a board or executive briefing, or a strategy workshop for executives seeking to design the most effective virtual and hybrid work environment possible for their organizations.


Ross Dawson delivered a virtual interactive keynote for the top management group of a major property group on effective leadership for remote work, helping them to deal with the rapid transition from office to home-based work for all of their direct reports.

Ross Dawson is also the producer and host of The Virtual Excellence Show, which examines all aspects of virtual work and value creation. See below for the show trailer.

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