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Ross Dawson is globally recognized as a leading social media futurist and keynote speaker. He is the author of the bestselling book Living Networks, which anticipated the social media revolution, and the writer of the influential blog Trends in the Living Networks. Having presented keynote speeches across six continents, Dawson is in high demand as a social media expert.

Keynote speaker topic – The Power of Social Media


In just the last five years, social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, blogs and far more have transformed how people communicate with friends, keep up with news, do business, and express their opinions on the companies they buy from. No organisation can ignore the fact that their customers are talking about them with the world and large, and making decisions based on what they find on Internet, be it true or false. Many companies are discovering that social media in fact offers an extraordinary opportunity to market, build powerful customer relationships, and attract talented staff.


A useful example of a keynote by Dawson on the Power of Social Media is the speech he delivered at Oracle Cloud Day, Auckland. Below are the slides from his presentation. The slides are designed to accompany the speech and are not intended to be useful on their own. However, they have been provided for illustrative purposes.

This keynote provided a whistle-stop tour of the value of social media, beginning with statistics showing that New Zealand is a world leader in the use of social media, and providing a few select examples that bring home the enormity of the impact of social media.

Dawson then examined social media through the lens of Engagement and from the perspectives of Organizations and Individuals. He concluded by presenting his Social Media Strategy Framework and explaining why Leadership is essential for value creation from social media.

Here are some of the statistics he provided (together with their sources):

– More than 1.7 billion people are on social networks (eMarketer)

– Over 30 billion pieces of content are shared monthly on Facebook (Facebook)

– 46% of consumers have used social media to help make purchasing decisions (Nielsen)

– 55% of under 35s share bad customer service experiences on social media (YouGov)

– Managers who use social media are 39% more likely to have been promoted recently (Millward Brown)

– 36% of 60-year-old New Zealanders are on Facebook (Facebook), compared to 43% of over 65-year-old Americans on social networks (Pew)

– US$900–1300 billion is the annual value that could be unlocked by social technologies (McKinsey Global Institute)

– Over 85% of Facebook activity from Egypt in early 2011 was political (Dubai School of Government)

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