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Ross Dawson works globally as a leading keynote speaker and futurist with deep expertise in top-tier professional services. He has worked with many firms around the world across all major professions including executive search, leadership development, recruitment and related fields.

Keynote speaker topic – The Future of Executive Search


The implications of our hyper-connected world include the rise of social platforms, a profusion of data on people, and the exposive potential of articial intelligence and predictive analytics. The nature of executive leadership is fundamentally shifting as organizations become more networked – internally and externally – and undergo technology-based transformations in which work is redefined. Global executive mobility is evolving as talent seek different qualities in their work and location. Professional services is being redefined in a connected world, with new ways of aggregating talent, however at their core firms must be effective networks in matching capabilities and opportunities.

Vital issues facing executive search include helping clients think beyond their brief, developing capabilities in new approaches to executive discovery, gathering data to drive insights into talent, matching based on future needs and capabilities, and helping clients implement talent strategies from the perspective of where they will be rather than where they are today. In a world in which platforms are moving to the center of our economy, executive search firms can build on their existing positioning and capabilities to create the executive talent platforms of tomorrow.


Ross Dawson gave the opening keynote at the global partner conference of one of the world’s largest executive search companies, providing insights into the forces driving change in the business environment and professional services, and delving into the issues and opportunities for executive search.

He finished his keynote with suggested key strategic questions for the partners to discuss during the event, which happened to align completely with the issues raised in the previous day’s executive committee meeting. A sustained question and discussion period with Ross Dawson following the keynote helped frame the key issues for the rest of the conference.

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