The Future of Associations – keynote speaker Ross Dawson on creating the future of professional associations

Ross Dawson is a globally recognized futurist and keynote speaker. He has spoken extensively to associations on how they can create enormously successful futures for their organizations and their members in a changing world.

Keynote speaker topic – The Future of Associations


The traditional and highly valued role of professional associations is being torn asunder in an intensely networked inter-disciplinary world. Many of their traditional functions can be achieved through mechanisms such as self-organzing networks, distributed peer accreditation, knowledge sharing platforms and algorithmic market oversight. Associations that resist change will be bypassed and transcended, yet those that adjust to a changed world with new structures and approaches will remain highly relevant and facilitate the inevitable transformation of the professions they support.


Ross Dawson has given keynotes on the future of associations to a wide range of associations at many events, including board meetings and to open the annual conferences of major associations. He inspires audiences to understand the potential future value of associations in a changing world and the importance of their participations.

Below are the slides from futurist Ross Dawson’s keynote on The Future of Associations at the CAANZ Thought Leadership Forum. The keynote slides below are designed to accompany Dawson’s presentation and are not intended to stand alone.


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