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Keynote speaker topic – Embracing the Future

We live in a time of accelerating change, when the fortunes of companies rise and fall faster than ever before, driven by new technologies, global competition and heightened consumer expectations. We can choose how we respond to these dramatic shifts—by seeing the challenges before us, or by seizing the enormous opportunities that arise from embracing the future. In this engaging keynote speech, futurist speaker Ross Dawson provides clear insights into the possibilities and potential of the world today, and the action you can take to create an extremely successful future for yourself and your company.

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Ross Dawson:

We live in a time of accelerating change. The fortunes of companies are rising and falling faster than ever before, driven by new technologies, global competition and ever greater expectations from customers and staff. We can choose how to respond to these dramatic shifts, in balking at the massive challenges of change or seizing the extraordinary opportunities before us. In my keynote speech, Embracing the Future, I provide a compelling view of how fast the world is changing, clear insights into the possibilities, and inspiring perspectives on what individuals need to do to embrace the future and take the action necessary to build their and their company’s success, all tailored to your specific situation and industry. I would be delighted to help kick off your event in style with a powerful, forward looking, optimistic and energizing presentation.

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