The Future of Project Management – keynote speaker Ross Dawson on leadership in projects

Ross Dawson is a globally recognized keynote speaker and futurist. He has worked extensively on envisaging and creating the future of project management.

Keynote speaker topic – The Future of Project Management


The world is rapidly changing, creating both challenges and massive opportunities. Accelerating technologies including sensor-driven data feeding though into AI and augmented reality, rising social expectations for sustainability, efficiency and accountability, and structures for value creation shifting to networked platforms are all shaping a very different world for project managers. The nature of work is fundamentally changing in a highly dynamic environment, leading to organizations reshaping themselves based on open, agile, flexible structures and ways of working. Personal and organizational leadership is required to deal with the extent of change and seize the emerging opportunities. Project managers will be at the heart of that future.


Ross Dawson gave the opening keynote at the Project Management Institute NZ Conference on project leadership as the future of project management. Below are the slides from his keynote, designed to accompany the speech and are not intended to be useful on their own. However, they have been provided for illustrative purposes.

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