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Ross Dawson is a globally recognized technology futurist and keynote speaker. He is well known in the global CIO community and frequently delivers keynotes around the world on the future of enterprise technology.

Keynote speaker topic – The Future of the CIO


Powerful driving forces in technology and society are shaping a substantially different enterprise technology landscape, with new technology themes such as cloud, mobile, big data, and consumerization being overlaid with increased demands for security, responsiveness and efficiency. The technology function is evolving to a new role as an advisor and solution facilitator to the business, with new opportunities emerging in decision-oriented analytics, cross-enterprise integration and the API-enabled enterprise. Key capabilities for CIOs include an entrepreneurial mindset, board education and governance for transformation. CIOs have the opportunity and responsibility to demonstrate the critical role of technology in a rapidly changing world, positioning them at the heart of the future of their organizations.


Below are the slides from futurist Ross Dawson’s keynote on The Future of the CIO at the Euro CIO Conference in Nice, France, bringing together leading CIOs from across Europe. The keynote slides below are designed to accompany Dawson’s presentation and are not intended to stand alone.

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