The Future of Mining – keynote speaker Ross Dawson on the potential of mining

Ross Dawson works globally as a futurist and keynote speaker. He has delivered many keynotes and executive sessions on the future of mining and mining services.

Keynote speaker topic – Creating the Future of Mining


In this compelling keynote, industry expert Ross Dawson lays out the coming transformation of mining, exploring cutting-edge strategies for achieving unprecedented growth and profitability. Focusing on automation and remote operations, digital transformation, AI-driven workforce evolution, the power of data, and industry-leading sustainability, Dawson offers profound insights into how mining and mining services companies can navigate the complex landscape of technology-enabled business. By emphasizing the importance of leadership in digital strategy and governance, this session provides a roadmap for mining leaders to drive innovation and steer their companies towards a more efficient, sustainable future.


Ross Dawson has delivered keynotes and executive sessions for numerous mining and mining audiences, including the leadership teams of a range of global organizations. Following are the slides for an executive session for one of Central Asia’s leading mining companies.

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