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Ross Dawson works globally sharing insights into the future business, government, education, and society. He is in strong demand for education conferences including for universities, corporations, education providers, education systems, and education platform providers.

Keynote speaker topic – The Next 25 Years: The Future of Learning

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The future does not happen, it is created. We all need to be our own futurists, looking beyond trends to understand how the world is unfolding, and how we can help shape a positive future. Extraordinary possibilities are emerging from exponential change, including learning machines, virtual worlds indistinguishable from reality, intensely personalized instruction and direct brain-to-brain communication. The history of humanity has been one of destroying and creating jobs, now pervasive global communication and rising AI capabilities will vastly accelerate that transformation. As such we need to focus on developing and using our uniquely human capabilities of expertise, creativity, and relationships, and design work and organizations in ways that tap the full breadth of our human potential. Constant immersion in information and digital devices is changing our brains, with both negative and positive effects. Cognitive offloading of brain functions to digital systems makes us dependent but also frees up our cognitive capacities to focus on higher-order processes. Our minds are de facto evolving in a changing environment, so is it is critical that we work hard to make this evolution conscious. As leaders for the future we must inspire and catalyze the potential of aligned communities to transform our institutions and make learning at the very center of our human future.


Ross Dawson has given keynotes to many education conferences, including an opening keynote at Online Learning Consortium’s OLCAccelerate conference in Orlando, FL. The keynote slides below are designed to accompany the speech and are not intended to be useful on their own. However, they have been provided for illustrative purposes. Note that in the original presentation many of the slides are videos.

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