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Ross Dawson works as a keynote speaker and business futurist for leading organizations around the world, helping them understand key trends and how to respond to build highly successful companies. He focuses on customer experience as a fundamental factor driving value creation and competitive differentiation.

Keynote speaker topic – The Future of Customer Experience


Customer expectations are inexorably rising for quality, convenience, transparency, accountability, and perhaps more than anything else, compelling experience. Once customers have been privileged with excellent experience from any company, they expect all other interactions to match or exceed that experience, and if they don’t get it they will happily go elsewhere to find it. Pervasive connectivity and soaring AI capabilities are transforming how people interact with companies, yet the most powerful connections are often still grounded in human relationships. Institutional trust is literally at all-time lows, however trust and deep, lasting customer connection can be fostered through knowledge-based relationships that are focused on creating value for customers. Strategy needs to focus on building value for communities, and uncovering new opportunities for customer co-creation and innovation. In this world true leadership is required, building the organizational culture that supports outstanding customer experience, and leading customers into high-value relationships, and employees into a human-focused work of the future.


Ross Dawson has given numerous keynotes on the future of customer service and customer experience, including at the client conferences of technology companies such as KANA, Genesys, and Verifone, and at internal conferences of executives and managers of large companies on how they can drive value from powerful customer experience. Below are the slides for an internal conference for the senior management team of a major financial institution.

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