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Ross Dawson is a widely acclaimed business speaker and futurist. He has delivered insightful keynote presentations across six continents, including speeches on where the concept of the enterprise is heading.

Keynote speaker topic – Future of the Enterprise


In this keynote presentation, business speaker Ross Dawson shares his thoughts on the future of the enterprise. He talks about:

Origins of organizations, from pre-agricultural through pyramid building, the guild, and modern companies

Enterprise vs. Corporation. The critical distinction that means the “enterprise” will be more important than the “corporation” moving forward

His personal work journey, through distributed computing, financial markets, Japan, information broking and NLP, and how these experiences formed his thinking on organizations

Knowledge and relationships are the only resources that matter in today’s economy

Living networks of people, organizations and industry emerge

Organizations are media entities – the flow of information defines its functioning

Three driving forces today: Connectivity, Expectations and Commoditization

Enterprise 2.0 is about creating the next phase of organizations – it is done by creating parameters for experimentation

– In the Heuristic Age structured trial and error is the only viable path to responsiveness

Five questions: Dawson ends with five key questions that must be answered to create the future of the enterprise:

What structures will emerge for allocating capital to enterprise?

What models will best turn participation into value creation?

How do we best tap the global talent economy in a virtual world?

What role will reputation play?

How will we make work meaningful?



Below are the video snippets of Dawson’s inspiring keynote at the TEDx event in San Francisco, offering interesting insights into the future of enterprise.

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