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Ross Dawson is a leading futurist and keynote speaker with deep expertise on the future of technology. Strong demand for Dawson’s expertise has seen him deliver keynote speeches across six continents, many for major technology companies seeking to stimulate forward-thinking outlooks in their clients’ executives.

Keynote speaker topic – The Next 25 Years


Peek into the future with a rollicking ride through the manifold possibilities and opportunities ahead during the most rapid shifts in human history. Building on the exponential progress of technology over the last decades, new possibilities such as quantum computing, DNA storage, smart dust, deep learning, immersive experience, cognitive augmentation, organic batteries, gene editing and additive manufacturing will transform work, society and indeed humanity. Extraordinary change is a given. It is up to us to focus on the immense positive opportunities ahead for us all, while acknowledging and addressing the challenges of disruptive change. The future is ours to create.


Ross Dawson gave the keynote on The Next 25 Years at Lenovo’s celebration event for the 25th anniversary of ThinkPad, for an audience of top executives of their clients and journalists.

The keynote was intended to provide a powerful view of the potential of the long-term future, and associating Lenovo with future-facing, highly innovative thinking on the potential and possibilities ahead through the use of technology.

The slides to Dawson’s keynote are below. The slides were designed to accompany his keynote and not to stand alone and also include many videos in the original, but have been provided for context.

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