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Requirements: Logistics and event AV


Date confirmation. Dates will be tentatively held in Ross Dawson’s schedule on request, but dates are not confirmed until the agreed deposit is received. A hold gives first right to book the date within 24 hours if a competing offer is made to Ross for the date.

Accommodation. A room in the conference venue or as close as possible to the conference venue will be provided by the client if an overnight stay is required. If the hotel is more than 500 meters from the conference venue, transportation will be arranged and paid for by the client.

Transportation. Travel between the airport and conference venue is not included in fees. Transportation should either be arranged by the client, or costs for taxis will be charged to the client.

Audience handouts. For some extended sessions and workshops, Ross Dawson will provide audience handouts. These will be provided in digital format to the client. It is the client’s responsibility to print the handouts and make them available to the attendees.

Audiovisual and stage

PC, Data projector, and screen. In most cases Ross will send his Powerpoint presentation as a .ppsx file beforehand and bring it on a USB drive as backup. The size of his presentations is sometimes 500MB or larger as they include embedded videos, and they must always be tested on the presentation PC well before the event as there can be issues with playback. In some cases presentations are too large to be run on most PCs and Ross will use his own laptop for presentations. Ross always controls his own presentation.
NOTE: The presentations MUST be played on a native Windows machine and will usually not run properly on Apple Macs.

Microphone: Wireless lapel (lavalier) or headset microphone is required.

Wireless controller. Radio frequency remote mouse to control Powerpoint from any point in the presentation room.

Lighting. Good lighting across the stage area is required. Ross Dawson is very active on stage and it is important that lighting is adequate for good audience visibility at all times.

Water. A glass or bottle of water should be available on stage.

Presentation materials and recording

Presentation materials
All Ross Dawson’s presentation materials are copyright. The Powerpoint document used in the presentation should not be used or forwarded to anyone.

If requested, a pdf version of the Powerpoint can be provided to the client to be distributed only to people who have attended the presentation, to be provided after the event. The Powerpoint presentations used by Ross Dawson are highly visual and intended to accompany his speech, and are not intended to be seen by people who have not heard his presentation.

Audio and video recordings of Ross Dawson’s presentations can be made ONLY on condition that copies of all unedited video files (including feeds from multiple cameras if used) are sent to Ross within 7 days of the event. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, recordings can only be used inside the client organization.

Occasionally Ross Dawson will arrange for video recordings of his presentations, with agreement from the client. In this case a copy will be provided to the client free of charge for internal use only.