The power of Juicystar07 demonstrates two key trends in influence


While we were working on the Future of Influence Summit last year I encapsulated the essence of what I was seeing in the space in Five key trends in how influence is transforming society, complementing our Influence Landscape.

If you’ve managed to avoid Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21 so far, your time is up. They provide a fantastic example of two of the key trends in influence. Blair Fowler (Juicystar07) and Elle Fowler (Allthatglitters21) are sisters who review beauty and fashion products on their YouTube channels, with a total of 50 million and 31 million video views respectively. The video below is a “haul” review of a sponsor’s products which was also being filmed by Good Morning America.

This is a fabulous example of the democratization of influence. They have become extraordinarily influential (custom footwear shop Shoes of Prey describes how in a few days one video from Juicystar07 beat five months of media coverage) with a zero starting base and no institutional support. By now their success is feeding into television coverage and more, but they had nothing but YouTube as an outlet to start. Of course not everyone will become as influential as they have, but it is absolutely open to anyone. No credentials or support from anyone is needed to influence how people think, behave, and spend on a grand scale.

The second key trend shown is that business models for influence are emerging. Platforms such as TweetROI and IZEA allow people with large social networks to monetize their influence. Of course a fundamental question is whether attempting to monetize influence destroys your influence. Juicystar07 shows that it is absolutely possible to monetize influence, quite possibly in the process increasing influence. The sisters openly canvas paid reviews, though only choose sponsors they are happy promoting. Whether it is their personal enthusiasm or the lack of concern of the target demographic, paid reviews are hardly detracting from their appeal and ability to impact sales.

There is no question that Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21 are in the vanguard of a wave of new influencers large and small. The reality is that traditional media channels are become a smaller part of the influence mix as new influencers rise.

  • Vanesa

    I think that all yo said is true but the people are not a group of sheeps, they think before acting.
    If these two girls exercise an influence on you is because you want to follow a well versed fashion and do not want to create it. In the world of fashion there are three ways: to create it, to follow it or to ignore it. And you are the one that chooses if you want to be vanguardist and create your own way of life or if you want that someone says to you which is the best way of doing the things, where to buy and how to live or simply to pass from everything. It’s very expensive to finance this constant presentation of products that they do free for the brands in their Youtube’s channels.
    It is normal that when your list of subscribers raises they begin to paying your publicizing services. They do not cheat anybody and concretely in the video that you put they say that the TV is recording them, wich means that someone is paying this, nothing is free in this live and less in television.
    By the way this is only my opinion and I don’t want to offend you with it.
    Good luck.Bye.
    PD: I’m spanish, sorry about my english.

  • Thanks Vanesa, yes I agree.
    True influencers do not just influence sheep, but provide the seeds of new behaviors in the most sophisticated. I think we are by now very attuned to people’s agendas, and can form our own opinions based on what we see.

  • Mimimimi

    I think I might be abit bitter over this whole Haul thing. They’re smart enough to make it into a businuss, they are, hands down, but until recently people weren’t aware of the fact that they were payed by Youtube and had sponsers. I watched some of their videos and I was amazed at all the stuff they had. Blairs roomtour and make-up collection was like going into a (small) Boots or Sephora. One MAC eyeshaddow costs 11$ and one single brush 16$. Not to mention the Louis Vitton bags and what not. If she had been 30 years old I’d understand, because you’ve put yourself through education and working 9-5, but a small little 16 year young girl? Then I thought she must have rich parents and I just couldn’t understand how she could have all that stuff in the tender age of 16! I’m 22 and I’m working fulltime along with my husband but trust me all my money goes to paying bills and saving up for hard times and vacations.
    Point is, many young girls out there goes like: “Oh, I totally want all the stuff they have” not knowing this requires serious money. I might be oldfashioned raised but my mama tought me from an early age about money and the responsiblity and value of the $ you’ve worked for.
    I’m not gonna punch below the waistline and say these girls are dumb and completely unaware of reality but will trust people’s ability to take a stand and know that this is staged reality. I think I’m bitter because of the fact that I work so hard when knowing I could sit in my room making videos and earn 1000$ a month and more with the sponsorships. I’ve seriously concidered doing just that, but it would be for the wrong reasons and I’m just “equipped” for that 🙂
    They juicystar girl is now home schooled because making videos takes up all her time. As Homer Simpson would say “Duh!!!” But some 16 year olds work in Mcdonalds and others make videos online, that’s just the way it is. Thins will never be the same.

    • Lazysusan

      I think I agree with everything you have said. 

      PS: I can’t stand Blair’s voice. I find it so fake