The Question: What is the most interesting thing you came across today?


Twitter has moved from asking ‘what are you doing now?’ to ‘what’s happening?’, and now describes itself as an ‘information network‘.

The Twitter News Network is a manifestation of the global brain, in which we create value for others by contributing to the visibility and availability of high-value information.

While many contribute nothing of value to Twitter, many extraordinarily talented and interesting contributors are doing what they can to add value to others. It is a choice we make, by how we engage in our social networks.

If we consider what we can best contrbute to global consciousness, it is very likely the most interesting things we come across. The most intriguing, through-provoking, stimulating ideas, whether they be in the form of an article, a video, a conversation, or anything else from the vastness of media and ideas we encounter each day.

If everyone just shared the single most interesting thing they came across each day, we would all be so much better off. This tiny effort would add value to everyone. We could all ask ourselves: What is the most interesting thing I saw today?, and share it, since it would very likely be of interest to many others.

Perhaps we could even make it compulsory. Every citizen every day contributes one piece of media: either a link of some kind of a brief written note, tweet-length or as long as desired. That is (part of) what we contribute to humanity.

Of course many would choose to contribute more than once a day, because they find more than one thing that they think others would like to see. However the danger is that the quality level comes down, as there isn’t any particular threshold which makes sharing worthwhile. Those who shared just once a day may be followed more than those who shared daily.

Hopefully this way of thinking about Twitter and social media will encourage people who have been holding back. It isn’t too much to ask to share one thing per day, and many will benefit. Your contribution to the global brain.

  • hej ross, good question and maybe this is a possibility to get people involved into tweeting stuff. but isn’t it an even more urging question, how we manage to get the “right” information out of this flood of tweets already around? we yet only have very limited methods and strategies of finding the right information – 230.000.000 tweets a day! yes, there are monitoring systems, but thats mainly for brands & trending topics. yes, there are some simple mechanisms like following, hashtags, listings, keyword-search … but imho we need a next step into personal information management, where learning technology on a crowd/peer-to-peer basis helps us to filter what WE really are interested in. do you know, if “there’s an app for that” already?

    • We’re on that path – services like Flipboard,, Geneio, are all doing that, though not that well yet in my opinion. The data is all there to do what you want, we just need better engines. I’m seeing more offerings springing up all the time. But nothing good enough yet, so I’m still considering doing something in the space 🙂

  • Ross,

    Great thinking!  I am already doing it, but not in so many words.


  • Love this idea. Thanks for sharing. i love this. I learned new Of knowledge.

  • Jheuristic

    First you need to follow interesting people! I like G+ for my interesting stuff.