Review of the Top 100 web apps launch, event, and coverage


Some quick thoughts on the Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications launch and event last week:

* Everyone seems to have had a good time at the launch event – I certainly did! A great bunch of people

* For me the primary reason to create the list and get it into BRW was to help link the tech entrepreneurial scene in Australia with business. I think that mainstream business is starting to recognize the many ways Web 2.0 is extremely relevant and important.

* This space is – I hope – at some kind of tipping point where it has reached critical mass and will surge from here. Expect plenty more activity from me and others in helping this along.

* The big themes that came out of the panel discussions on the day for me were about the role of these kinds of applications and entrepreneurship in the economy (see also link to Elias Bizannes’ thoughts below).

Will be back soon with some thoughts on what we can learn from the list about the global Web 2.0 space.

Online event coverage:

There has been plenty of blog coverage on the list.

Twitter searches on Summize and Hashtags for those who used #fenweb2 as a tag for their posts (thanks Phil!).

Phil Morle live-streamed the event on Ustream from a webcam on his laptop, but unfortunately the video didn’t record properly :-(.

And two particularly noteworthy responses to the event:

Elias Bizannes did an fantastic post titled Organisations need to be a size 12 which took up on some of my and others’ comments at the event about changing economic structure and the appropriate size of organisations in a connected economy. Highly recommended – I think the issue of changing organisational size is one of the most important issues in understanding the future of business.

Applebox has posted the Alexa rankings for each of the Top 100 apps. This is one of the inputs we used in creating the rankings (in addition to the Australian Alexa rankings). Depending on the type of app and how it’s implemented, the Alexa rankings are more or less relevant in gauging users, though it’s definitely a key factor in the judging process.

For those who missed it, my Radio National interview the week before on the Top 100 list adds some further thoughts.

  • Alexa tends to heavily under-count sites that are Ajax heavy or using webtop of which Peepel uses both 🙁
    So maybe we should have been 36 instead of 37 😉
    I was at the event. It was a great event, Ross you and your staff can be proud of the event that they put on, I am already getting ready for next years.