Looking for an outstanding writer/ blogger on crowdsourcing


For the next 10 days we need writers to help write interesting blog posts for the website of the upcoming Future of Crowdsourcing Summit.

We are only looking for outstanding writers, who can write extremely well and who really understand crowdsourcing, global business, and the web space. This is intended for people who love the crowdsourcing space and want to write about it rather than professional writers/ bloggers.

We are running this project on Odesk – here is the full job description for Outstanding writer/ blogger on crowdsourcing. Please bid on Odesk giving an hourly rate.

If you are the right candidate, we will want at least one blog post a day from you for the next 10 days.

We want people to write in their own name – this is a fabulous way to build on your existing reputation as a great commentator. The blog is going to get a lot of high-level exposure.

If we find good people we will undoubtedly have more and more varied work for them if they want it.

If you’re fascinated by crowdsourcing and are a good writer, please apply! We’d love to work with you.

You need to apply on Odesk, but if you are not yet a member and have specific questions regarding the work you can use the Crowdsourcing Results contact form.