Initial reflections on the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum from myself and many interesting bloggers


I’ve just got home after the Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum. Far too much happened (and I’m far too tired…) to reflect in depth on it all right now, but I thought I’d offer a few initial reflections, and links to some of those who have been blogging, twittering, video blogging and more during the conference.

In short, it went great. I was extremely pleased with how everything went, and all the anecdotal feedback so far has been excellent. It’s always a relief when the technology works as planned, and our Skype video links to Euan Semple, who’s currently visiting Germany, and Andrew McAfee, who was at a conference in Orlando, Florida, worked extremely well. Even with the video images blown up to a large projection screen, many people commented on how good the quality was (including Alex Manchester writing “the connection robustness was impressive”).

Rather than trying to do a summary now, it’s best to point to the many event attendees who were live-blogging the event. Every attendee at the event has been given a login to the Forum blog, so we can discuss and share thoughts and perspectives.

At the opening of the conference I asked for a show of hands of bloggers and Twitterers, and got a response of what seemed to be close to half for blogs, and perhaps a quarter for Twitter, which is pretty exceptional for an executive audience.

On the Forum blog at, there have been around 20 posts since this morning, and we can expect plenty more over coming days – having a look at the discussion on the blog will give a pretty good feel for what was discussed.

Some particularly noteworthy posts below:


Image from Mick Liubinskas on Flickr

Let’s participate live: The COO (Mick Liubinskas) and CTO (Phil Morle) of Tangler demonstrated the latest very cool Tangler tools by embedding a discussion within a blog post, including comments, photos, live video streaming and more. Go to the post to see the entire discussion and content on the event. Phil also wrote a post called Multi-Social-Media: Leading by Example, which has an image (posted on Flickr and shown above) showing all of the live social media action on his PC at one particular point.

Don’t snoop digitally over the shoulders of knowledge workers, by Steve Hodgkinson on comments by Andrew McAfee.

Enterprise 2.0 is about changing behaviours… by Dominique Purcell on comments by Euan Semple.

Several great posts by Brad Howarth on Live from Enterprise 2.0, More from Enterprise 2.0, and Aussie stories from Enterprise 2.0.

We always include participation from all attendees at our events, often in the form of Participant Roundtables, where attendees select the topic they are most interested in, and discuss it with their peers, hosted by an expert in the area. We encouraged every Roundtable to have someone take and post notes on their discussions. Two are already up, and we can expect quite a few more to be posted soon:

Social networks in organisations

Learning 2.0

Will post some more reflections soon.