Exploring the future Ep 3: Being touched by exceptional people through podcasts


Here is episode 3 of my vlog, on my experience recoding the OFX Where the World’s Moving podcast series. Let me know any comments or thoughts, if you’d like to keep across my vlog please subscribe on YouTube!

Full transcription below:

I have just finished recording the last podcast for the wheretheworldsmoving podcast series, presented by OFX and produced by BBC Storyworks commercial productions. The full podcast series is available at wheretheworldsmoving.com

The last time I did a podcast series was 12 years in 2006 for my Future of Media podcast series, so it was great to come back to it at a time when a lot of people are engaging with podcasts as a new medium.

Podcasts can be many things: they can be interviews, they can be monologues, they can be highly produced documentaries.

What I have loved about the wheretheworldsmoving series is the opportunity to connect with and have conversations with extraordinary people who are creating the future, people like AI ethicist Kriti Sharma, Vincent Stanley, who is the director of philosophy Patagonia, or Andrea Raftopoulos, who is a drone entrepreneur doing things at a massive scale.

These conversations have enabled me to gain insights, to learn things, and to really dig into what these people are able to share. This idea of how it is we can be touched by these ideas, bringing to many people.

Please do check out the wheretheworldsmoving.com website, where all the podcast series are.

I have to say I’ve been inspired by these conversations and I expect that I’ll no doubt be coming back to do another podcast series before long, trying to dig up and find these extraordinary people who are literally creating the future, and allowing their ideas to touch many people.