Citizen sourcing and the future of cities


As I noted last week in my post on Four fundamental principles for crowdsourcing in government, one of the most powerful applications of crowdsourcing is in government.

PSFK has just launched a nice report and summary presentation on the future of cities, embedded below.

The third section of the report covers Citizen Sourced aspects of the future of cities, including:

Crowd Planned. Social networks such as Neighborland bring citizens together to improve their community.

Community Currency. Online communities for doing favors for one another such as

Collaborative Economy. Sharing with others, like the Parking Panda app to locate and rent parking.

Social Pairing. Matching people with others to do good things, such as Fixperts for fixing and making.

Micro Financing. The many financing projects, such as the citizen-funded skyscaper BC Bacata in Columbia.

Shared Transport. Using transport more efficiently, like the My Ride Buddy ride sharing service.

The future of government is one which will be largely created, shaped, and delivered by citizens.

It is great to see the first phase of that movement in place today, and to get an inkling of where this might go.