Check out Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration World on 24-25 November (and Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum 2009 on 24 February!)


The Australian event industry is quickly getting better from what was until recently a very low base. There are more quality events than ever.

A few months ago I was planning to run an Enterprise Social Network Strategy event in early December. Then I found out that a very similar high-quality event was already set for the week before. As such I cancelled my event and rolled what I was intending to cover into my next Enterprise 2.0 conference. I then spoke to the organizers of the November event, AC Events, to see if we could collaborate. We have worked out a great arrangement whereby we are together bringing two highly complementary events to the market.

Online Social Networking & Business Collaboration World on 24-25 November 2008 is a two-day conference covering social media for marketing, enterprise and government, organized by AC Events. I will chair the plenary sessions and enterprise stream at this event.

Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum on 24 February 2009 is an intensive one-day executive summit organized by Future Exploration Network on how to create value with Web 2.0 tools inside organisations. It features leading international speakers, Australian case studies, and highly detailed insights into implementation.

I’ll be writing a lot more about both events in coming weeks and month. We’ll also be featuring detailed content and research on Enterprise 2.0, which will be a prime focus for us over coming months.

The speaker line-up for Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum will be very exciting – announcements on that very soon.

For the meantime, here are some of the outstanding speakers at Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration World:

* Richard Kimber, Global CEO, Friendster

* Rebekah Horne, VP Australia and MD UK/ Europe, Fox Interactive Media

* Paul Slakey, Director Asia Pacific, Google

* Ross Ackland, Deputy Director, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

* Francisco Cordero, General Manager – Australia, Bebo

Full details on Online Social Networking and Business Collaboration World.

Overview of Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum 2009.