Augmented reality shows the path of the sun through the year


Now here is a new spin on augmented reality apps: just out on the iPhone is Sun Seeker, from Graham Dawson, the creator of the best-selling Oz Weather and Climate Eye.

See Graham’s blog for a detailed description of the augmented reality Sun Seeker app.

In brief, when you look through the camera you see the current location and the path of the sun superimposed, allowing you to see where the sun will be at any point in time during the day (or night). It also shows the sun’s path for the longest and shortest day, or in fact any day you choose. Check out the video.

Uses of the app include looking at property, so you can check out where the sun will fall in different rooms through the year, planning your garden, and photography, for example seeing for the day of an event what time of day will have optimal sunlight.

The app has already been covered in a number of media outlets, with apparently more to come – the ITWire review is very useful in covering potential applications for the app:

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[DISCLOSURE: Graham is my brother 🙂 ]