Announcement of Crowdsourcing Week: Singapore April 2013


Crowdsourcing is moving to the center not just of discussion, but of business and society. That is becoming increasingly evident through the events being run as well as in what companies are doing.

Moving beyond the increasing proliferation of conferences and workshops on crowdsourcing (for which I am partly responsible), we are now seeing a full week devoted to the topic, in Singapore in April 2013. It is a great choice of location given the pace of growth on both supply and demand for crowds in the region.

Details are at the Crowdsourcing Week website and part of the press release is below. Full disclosure: I am on the advisory board for Crowdsourcing Week and will be a keynote speaker. It promises to be an exciting event.

Crowdsourcing Week: Embracing The Power of The Crowd – Singapore, June 3-7, 2013

Crowdsourcing Week, the first ever week long global event designed to bring innovation and efficiency to organizations by leveraging the power of “the Crowd”, will take place in Singapore on June 3-7, 2013.

Crowdsourcing is the coming together of a group of people – a “Crowd,” to help solve a given problem or issue being faced by a company or organization. It is a global, open invitation to innovate, to create and to generate ideas plus solutions to benefit organizations.

Created and run by the team from Ludvik+Partners, the mission of Crowdsourcing Week Asia is to educate business owners, CEO’s CIO’s CMO’s COO’s and all C-Level executives on the power of Crowdsourcing. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of the positive impact it can have on their bottom line as they engage and drive purpose with «the Crowd.»

An international board of advisors from the crowdsourcing industry has been put in place to work with the event organizers. The advisors will consult on program structure, conference content and deliver keynote addresses.

Brightest Minds and Innovators
Crowdsourcing Week Asia will bring together the best and brightest minds from
around the world plus the innovators in the field today. Curating content spanning the areas of Science/Tech, Enterprise, Government/NGO & Citizen Journalism, Crowdfunding, Advertising, Marketing, Design, Fashion, Film, Photography, Tourism and Open Source.

Best Practices
Experts gathered in Singapore for Crowdsourcing Week will give us a glance into the future of the workforce with case studies and more of Crowdsourcing in action. This offers unique opportunities for attendees to take away practical solutions so they can replicate Crowdsourcing in their working environments.

The power of participation
The changing environment of the new economy, mobility of working environments, connectivity and social media has led to crowdsourcing being a 21st century phenomenon. “Crowdsourcing is key to the future of our organizations as technology is giving more and more power and capacity for people to pro-actively develop new ideas and structures for businesses. We are confident that Crowdsourcing is the only sustainable approach to innovation” – Epirot Ludvik Nekaj, CEO and Founder of Ludvik+Partners.