Launch of Crowdsourcing Landscape and Getting Results from Crowdsourcing community


Here is our Crowdsourcing Landscape, now officially launched after sneak previews to the audiences of the Getting Results from Crowdsourcing event on Monday and Cisco Insight 2010 on Tuesday.

Click on the image to see a high-resolution version

The landscape provides a kick-off and focus to our new community, Getting Results from Crowdsourcing ( Go and check it out!

The site is fairly basic so far (forgive anything not finished yet). However we’ll soon set up a wiki of crowdsourcing platforms, introduce discussions on many specific topics in the crowdsourcing space, and try to really bring this to life. We’re also looking for contributions, so go to the Contribute page and put your hand up if you’re interested.

For now we’re keen to get the site going, so please add a comment or participate in the discussions!

  • Ross, Thanks for the map! I have been trying to navigate through crowdsourcing for a while now. Please keep us aware of any dead end streets and streets that need repair.

  • We will soon be launching a wiki of crowdsourcing tools, so we and anyone else willing will together try to keep it an up-to-date reference.

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