How to make money from crowdsourcing: A framework for Crowd Business Models


I think one of the most valuable aspects of our newly-launched book Getting Results From Crowds is the analysis of Crowd Business Models. While crowdsourcing is clearly a fantastic way for organizations large and small to get access to unparalleled resources and scale their operations, it is also increasingly central to many companies’ business models.

We have created a framework that identifies 7 fundamental crowd business models (plus non-profits), and done an analysis of the monetization mechanisms and success factors behind each one. These provide a broader framework for the 22 categories in version 2 of our Crowdsourcing Landscape.

The Crowd Business Models framework below aggregates these categories. Further details are provided in Chapter 22 of the book on Crowd Business Models. We have chosen to make all of these resources freely available, as we hope they will be useful for those building businesses that are relevant today. Go to the Getting Results From Crowds website for more free chapters and other resources.

Click on the image to download the complete framework as pdf

Click on the image to download the complete framework as pdf

Here is Chapter 22 on Crowd Business Models. You can also download it from the free chapters section of the book website.

Getting Results From Crowds: Chapter 22 – Crowd Business Models

We’d love to get your thoughts and feedback on the framework, especially on the Contribute to the Second Edition section of the book website. Your input will go into the next edition of the book. 🙂