Exploring the Future Ep7: My favorite airport lounge in the world


As a frequent traveller I spend a lot of time not only in airplanes but also in airport lounges. These are of greatly varying quality, some of them extremely basic and some of them luxurious and beautiful.

Of all of them my very favorite is the Qantas First Class International lounge in Sydney. I’ve shared a little of the lounge in this episode of my vlog. :-)

My absolute favorite airport lounge in the world is the Sydney First Class Lounge at Qantas.

And while it’s never wonderful to spend a whole lot of time on an airplane, it does help, when you start off with somewhere very nice.

When you first enter the lounge, you’re greeted and walk through a leafy arcade featuring over 8,000 plants, to create a lovely mosaic of living green as you stroll.

The lounge was designed with no corners or straight lines by Marc Newson, a highly influential Australian industrial designer famous for a host of iconic designs including the Lockheed Lounge.

He designed the lounge during his 10-year tenure as creative director of Qantas. He also designed the entire interior of the A380 down to the first class cutlery.

The restaurant is run by Neil Perry, featuring a pleasant bar area and several segments of the lounge dedicated to table dining. The menu features a wonderful choice of very nice food and wine, complimentary to all guests of the lounge. I always very much enjoy the food here.

The lounge also boasts a spa with complimentary 20 minute treatments to guests. But you have to get in early as it is often fully booked.

Overall, it’s a very pleasant place to spend some time. I’m about to head off on a 24 hour flight and I am as fully prepared as I’ll ever be.